"With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk.”

John von Neumann

Assistance+ App

The application organizes work in the insurance company call center in terms of car assistance to customers. Among others it contains: search engine for customer notification of help, a panel for adding new notification as well as tasks for service providers, based on models and relations in the database structure. There is a functions of sending SMS to clients and service providers implemented by SMS API, generating required PDF documents, sending them to the indicated email, and control and copy of every outgoing documents. App is written in Python, Django framework.

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Serverless Opinion App

Serverless App designed in Python 2.7, JavaScript, jQuery and AWS for writing and publishing opinions and feedback of superiors and co-workers. App can connect with user controller by the AWS API Getaway, add and save new opinion into the AWS DynamoDB; send info-email to user about new opinion by the Simply Email Service, show all accepted opinion on simply Web page. Deploying of app onto AWS is simplified by Serverless Framework. App is designed specifically for this website. You can see how it works on my Home site.

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Protein Tracker App

App allows you to track the consumption of proteins by athletes. In the application you can add new users, each of them sets the purpose of protein intake, and then each workout day adds the actual portions consumed. Each user has a history of added entries to 5 items. You can compare user achievements in the leaderboard section. App is written in C#, using MVC pattern, but the main purpose of create it, was to know the possibilities of NoSQL database, Redis. Project was built during Internet course on Pluralsight platform "Building NoSQL Apps With Redis" by John Sonmez.

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Machine Learning in Python

An updated repository with resources and issues related to Machine Learning and Python. This language as one of the most common tools in data science (next to R) offers libraries and frameworks for easy implementation of algorithms related to machine learning including: Pandas, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib and others. The repository is updated with the progress of the extensive course "Machine Learning A-Z ™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science" by SuperDataScience.

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Lottery Console App

Console App is a lottery system based on Object Oriented Programming written in Python and a relational MySQL database. It is possible to add users with their specified lottery coupons, each user can choose how many numbers want he draws, the number on the coupon can be changed after providing the relevant user data. There is also a lottery engine that generates random numbers. Number ranges are taken from an external JSON file. There is also a list of winnings.

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REST/API on Django Framework

The REST/API uses the MySQL database that it connects to and the JSON serializers. By methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE make changes in DB. The model in the database has one-to-many and many-to-many relations, so serializers for this data are nested.

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4 Small Projects in Flask

Four projects: Calculator, Numbers Quiz, Postal Code Validator and Powering of numbers. Every project using Flask - simple framework for Python allows controlling app by the Web browser.

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Django Girls Blog

All over the world, women learn how to programming based on this example. Selected participants in groups of several people with mentor going through one tutorial. From the installation, through the fundamentals of the programming like data types, loops, conditioning, "printing" etc., next - basics of OOP, models and operations on the database by the Django ORM,  finally - to deployment into the cloud. This is that app. Sometimes making of the application brings a new point of view on the capabilities of the computer, gives the joy of creating well. As a result it has an impact on the future career of the participants, binding them with IT for life. Definitely worth completing at least once!

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DjangoGirls Warsaw

"It's a hell of a lot easier to just build something than to try to convince somebody who doesn't believe it's possible.”

Paul Baran